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Annual physical examinations help your primary care physician (PCP) remain on top of your health and look for early signs of chronic conditions. McGowan Family Health and Wellness Center’s Dr. McGowan, DO, has a strong experience in overall wellbeing and provides full annual physicals for men, women, and children. Call or use the online scheduling option to schedule your next yearly exam at this Flossmoor, Illinois-based business.

Q&A about Annual Physicals


Is it necessary for me to get a physical every year?

Yes! Annual physicals aren’t ill visits; instead, they’re a chance for you and your family doctor to assess your overall health – from head to toe. Even if you have no complaints and your exams and test results are normal, you should still get an annual check-up.

Heart disease, for example, is one of the major causes of death for both men and women in the United States, accounting for one out of every four deaths. Increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels might result from this heart disease, which develops over time rather than overnight.

Dr. McGowan can detect these early warning indicators during your annual physicals. Then, perhaps, by making the lifestyle adjustments she suggests — such as getting more exercise — you’ll be able to resolve these problems before they become significant heart problems.

What happens during a routine physical examination?

McGowan Family Health and Wellness Center customizes your annual physical to your overall health as well as other characteristics such as age. Tell Dr. McGowan during your appointment if you have any concerns, such as gastrointestinal difficulties or chronic pain, so she can tailor your tests.

Annual physicals for you and your family usually involve the following:

  • BMI (Body Mass Index) evaluations (BMI)
  • Checking your blood pressure and pulse
  • Evaluations of lung function
  • Testing of blood or urine in a laboratory
  • Physical examinations from head to toe

Annual physicals are also an excellent opportunity to catch up on important immunizations, such as the flu vaccine. Alternatively, if your child need specific vaccinations for school or sports, they can receive them during their well-child physical.


By using the online scheduler or phoning the clinic, you can book your yearly physical at McGowan Family Health and Wellness Center.

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I enjoy my trips to the doctor. Dr. McGowan is easy to speak with and explains everything very well. She also sees my parents because of her bedside manner
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