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Even the simplest chore can feel onerous when you’re depressed or anxious, lowering your quality of life. Dr. McGowan of McGowan Family Health and Wellness Center in Flossmoor, Illinois, treats women and men who are depressed or anxious and want to learn how to control their symptoms. To discover more about how to live a healthy life while dealing with depression or anxiety, call or arrange an appointment with the bilingual office staff now.

Q&A about Depression and Anxiety

What’s the difference between anxiety and depression?

Anxiety and depression are two distinct conditions. Depression is characterized by feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, and deep sadness that last for a long time. These emotions can be overwhelming if you’re suffering from depression, to the point that your judgment, habits, and ideas become unhealthy.

Anxiety causes acute anxiety or worry, which can make it difficult to participate in activities or events that you generally love. Panic attacks occur in severe situations of anxiety when an emotional stressor is triggered.

What is the best way to tell if you have depression or anxiety?

Dr. McGowan uses a series of interviews and examinations to deliver her expert clinical diagnosis. Expect to talk about your symptoms and mental condition at your initial visit. By expressing your problems, you may be able to overcome a problem or avoid injuring yourself as a result of your difficulties.

The following are some of the most prevalent depression and anxiety warning signs and symptoms:

  • Sadness that is unbearable or stress that is unbearable
  • Guilt, sadness, and worthlessness are overwhelming sentiments.
  • Sleep disturbances or unexplained hunger
  • Loss of enthusiasm for hobbies and other pursuits
  • Inability to focus or concentration problems
  • Panic attacks or avoidance of pleasurable activities

If you’re having suicide thoughts, you should seek emergency medical help right now. Following that, Dr. McGowan and her caring staff offer counseling to help prevent suicide ideation in the future.

What causes anxiety and depression?

Although brain chemistry can trigger many psychological reactions, depression and anxiety have no clear cause. Because serotonin and dopamine are involved in maintaining energy and a positive mood, any abnormalities in these chemicals can induce significant mood swings.

Other factors that may contribute to depression and anxiety include:

  • A mental health history in the family
  • Abuse issues in children or adults
  • Job loss or the death of a loved one
  • Car accidents, for example, are traumatic events.

It’s normal to feel low or stressed now and then, but if your symptoms continue more than two weeks or interfere with your everyday life, you should contact Dr. McGowan and the team at McGowan Family Health and Wellness Center right soon.

What are the many types of treatments for depression and anxiety?

Conventional talk therapy (psychotherapy) is the most common treatment for depression and anxiety, but Dr. McGowan may prescribe drugs if necessary. She may also prescribe tests to see if your symptoms are caused by underlying conditions such as thyroid disorders, hormone imbalances, or vitamin deficiencies.

Dr. McGowan may recommend medication, such as antidepressants or mood stabilizers, to treat the following symptoms if an underlying cause isn’t the issue:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety about social situations
  • Anxiety disorders are a type of anxiety condition.
  • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that occurs
  • Dysthymia is a type of dysrhythmia (low mood for at least two years)

With proper care from devoted and attentive experts like Dr. McGowan, successful therapies for depression and anxiety are possible. You can considerably lessen the overwhelming and sometimes life-threatening effects of depression if you work together.

You can schedule your evaluation online or over the phone.

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