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The easiest approach to avoid getting sick with the flu is to get a flu shot. Everyone above the age of six months should consider getting vaccinated. The flu shot is available from Dr. McGowan, DO and the health care specialists at McGowan Family Health and Wellness Center in Flossmoor, Illinois. They can tell you more about the vaccination and how it can help you avoid getting sick this season. Call the office or arrange an appointment online today to get your flu shot.

Q&A about the Flu Shot

What exactly is a flu shot?

The flu shot, often known as the influenza vaccination, is an injection that protects against three or four of the most common influenza viruses throughout the upcoming flu season.

The flu is a sickness that affects the respiratory system, and influenza is a family of highly contagious viruses that causes it. Although flu symptoms can range from mild to severe, the illness can sometimes result in respiratory failure or death.

The flu vaccination aids in the development of antiviral antibodies in your body. Your annual flu vaccination may lower the intensity of your symptoms and the duration of your infection, even if it does not prevent you from getting sick with the flu virus.

Is it necessary to get a flu shot?

Everyone over the age of six months should get a flu vaccination. It’s especially critical for those who are at risk of major health problems as a result of an infection, such as:

  • Adults in their later years
  • Children in their early years
  • Women who are pregnant
  • People who suffer from long-term illnesses (e.g., asthma, diabetes, cancer)

Although the flu shot is beneficial to the majority of individuals, it is not suggested if you have an egg allergy or have had a poor reaction to a previous flu shot.

If you’re not a good candidate for the flu shot, your doctor might advise you on other methods to avoid getting sick.

When should I be vaccinated for the flu?

The flu season in the United States begins in October and lasts through March. It takes around two weeks for your body to develop flu immunity. Before the flu season begins, you should receive your flu shot.

It’s best to receive your flu shot by the end of October to provide the best protection. Even if you wait until February or later to get the vaccine, you may still benefit from it.

Is the flu vaccination going to make me sick?

After taking the flu shot, you may suffer certain adverse effects. Pain, swelling, and warmth at the injection site are the most common side effects.

Following their injection, some persons may have headaches, muscle aches, or a minor fever. These symptoms signal that your body is producing antibodies to aid in the battle against the influenza virus.

It’s more crucial than ever to take the appropriate precautions to avoid contracting the flu. Call or book your flu vaccine online with McGowan Family Health and Wellness Center today.

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